Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweet Potato Leaves

This is the Sweet Potato leaves, which is a favourite with the locals. One could stir-fry it with sambal chilli, or with fuyi (fermented tofu, I think).

Anyone has good recipe for a stir-fry sweet potato dish? I think you can find this dish in some Peranakan Restaurants as well as in the Soup Restaurant (I think it was Ah Kong's favourite).

This plant grows very fast. So in times of hardship, this would be a plant to consider. (^^) I believe it must be a valuable source of food during the WWII times.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seafood at Chinatown Wet Market

Popped by the market after a great beehoon breakfast at the Chinatown Food Centre. Captured some pictures to share with you. The crowd was getting bigger at the wet market as many started shopping for the great Chinese New Year cooking. Great news that there's still many cooking at home for the Chinese New Year Reunion.

Just some local delights, at least for me.

Sotong (Malay for Squids)

Hum (Hokkien for Cockles)

Tua Tao in Hokkien (Siput Biji Nangka in Malay, Glauconome virens)