Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fresh Herbs

Once upon a time, in any wet market, there was bound to be one or two fresh herb stalls. While dried herbs being sold in the traditional Chinese Medicine Shop could be found in Chinatown (Singapore) and in many of the old HDB estates, they are slowly fading away. Perhaps to be replaced the new-look Chinese Medicine Shops like Eu Yan San and others that come together with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioners. In the old days, when the days were hot, the grannies have their passed-down recipes of cooling tea (Liang Cha) which could be some leaves with rock sugar or sugar coated winter melon strips.

That was when they would go to the fresh herb stalls to get them. Of course, the more knowledgeable ones could go to the field to pluck or dig for them. For some, they might have planted them in the small pots dotted along the HDB corridors.

I spotted this fresh herb stall in the Chinatown Wet Market. By the look of the fresh leaves of various herbs, there must have been demands. It always fascinate me on the use of the fresh groundnuts. Anyone knows?

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