Saturday, November 20, 2010

What's in this wet market that is not found in the supermarkets

The Chinatown wet market has a long history, from its days along the streets like Trengganu Street to Smith Street, it had gone down below to the basement of the new HDB flat. It has lost its colourful background of the so called pre-war houses. And also some of the exciting actions, owing probably to the reducing demands of certain food.

I wonder if there are other similar signs in other wet markets in Singapore.

Can you spot the outstanding meat being offered here hardly found elsewhere in Singapore? It would be great to know more too about the purpose of taking such meat. For one, I know from my mum is about the frogs. If a baby is not able to walk when it is supposed to, then, grandma will recommend making frog soup for the baby. Frogs are reputed to be able to leap and surely have strong leg muscles.

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